Daily Chumash Sunday-Kedoshim: List of Mitzvos



  1. List of Mitzvos:

Hashem spoke to Moshe saying, tell the Jewish people the following commands:

  • Be Holy, as I am holy.
  • Fear your father and mother.
  • Guard Shabbos.
  • Don’t go after idolatry and don’t make idols.
  • Sacrifices: When you sacrifice a Shelamim offering to Hashem, do so with proper thoughts to appease Hashem. Eat the meat of the sacrifice that day and the next day, and any leftover on the 3rd day is to be burnt. Don’t eat any leftover [i.e. Nosar]. One who eats the meat on the 3rd day [i.e. Nosar] receives Kareis as he has defiled the sacred to Hashem, and his soul shall therefore be cut off from its people.
    • Harvest: When you harvest your field do not to take the corner of the field. Do not take the Leket, the fallen stalks, of the field. Do not take the Olalos [young grapes] of your vineyard. Do not to take the Peret [fallen grapes] of the vineyard. Rather, it is to be left to the poor and converts.
    • Stealing: Do not steal [discreetly]. Do not deny money that you owe to your friend. Do not swear falsely on money that you owe. Do not swear falsely using My name. One who does so has desecrated the name of Hashem. Do not cheat your friend [by withholding his wages]. Do not rob a person. Do not delay the payment of a worker past morning.
    • Do not curse the deaf.
    • Do not place a stumbling block in front of the blind.
    • Fear Hashem.

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