Daily Chumash Sunday, Teruma: Donating to the Temple


Parshas Terumah

Pesukim: 96 [Siman: יעיו]

Haftorah: Melachim 1 5:26-6:13

  Number of Mitzvos: There are Three Mitzvos in Parshas Terumah. Two positive commands and One negative command.   A. Positive commands: 1. Mitzvah 95/Positive 38: To build a Temple for Hashem. 2. Mitzvah 97/Positive 39: To constantly have bread placed in the Temple. [i.e. Lechem Hapanim]   B. Negative commands: 1.      Mitzvah 96/Negative 58: Not to remove the poles from the Aron.  



  1. Donating to the Temple:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe saying: Take donations from the people of Israel, from whoever is of generous heart to give. I need the following donations:
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Copper
    • Techeiles Turquoise wool
    • Argamon purple wool
    • Scarlet wool
    • Linen
    • Goat hair
    • Red dyed ram skins
    • Techashim skins
    • Shittim Acacia wood
    • Oil for lighting
    • Spices for the anointing oil and Ketores incense
    • Shoham stones
    • Filling stones for the Eiphod and Choshen
  • Make for me a Temple and I will dwell within you. Make it the same exact way that I show you, it and all its vessels.

  1. The Aron:
  • Material: Make the Aron of acacia shittim wood.
  • Dimensions: It is to be 2.5 Amos in length and 1.5 Amos in width, and 1.5 Amos in height.
  • Its particulars: It is to be covered with pure gold both in its interior and exterior. It is to contain a gold crown surrounding it. It is to contain four welded gold rings, two on each side, and have two poles made of acacia shittim wood, and coated with gold, inserted into it for it to be carried with.
  • The poles may never be removed from the rings.
  • What it contains: The Tablets of the law that I [i.e. Hashem] will give you are to be inserted into the Aron.

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