Daily Chumash Tazria Shishi-Tzaraas on a bald or beardless person



  1. Tzaraas on a bald or beardless person:
    • One who does not have hair on his head, or one who does not have a beard, is pure. [He is to be judged with the laws of Tzaraas and not Nesakim.] If it grows a reddish, whitish, skin ailment, it is considered Tazraas. The Kohen is to see it and deem him impure.
  1. The laws of the Metzorah:
  • The Metzora must follow the following laws:
  • He is to wear torn clothing.
  • He is to have long hair and a long mustache.
  • He is to announce to others that he is impure.
  • He is to sit in seclusion outside of the Jewish camp.
  1. Tzaraas on clothing:
    • When a clothing of wool or linen or leather, or a vessel of leather has Tzaraas that is red or green it is to be shown to the Kohen. The clothing is to be secluded for seven days. On the seventh day the Kohen is to view the item and if the lesion spread the item is to be deemed impure. The garment or vessel is to be burnt.
    • If the lesion did not spread on the clothing, then it is to be washed and secluded for a second set of seven days.

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