Daily Chumash, Thursday, 2nd Teves: The brothers return to their father who refuses to send Binyamin



  • Yosef said that one brother will remain imprisoned while the remainder can travel home and bring food for their families, and then bring back the youngest brother in order so they can prove their claim and not die. The brothers did as they were told.
  • The brothers bemoan what they did to Yosef: The brothers turned to each other and said “We are guilty over what we did to our brother, when we saw him pleading with us from his suffering, and we ignored him. This is why this suffering has come upon us.” Reuvein replied saying “Did I not tell you to not sin with the lad and you guys did not listen to me. Now, we are being held accountable for his blood.” They did not know that Yosef understood what they were saying, as he had the interpreter present. Yosef walked away from them and cried.
  • The brothers are sent off and Shimon is imprisoned: Yosef returned and placed Shimon in prison, in front of them. Yosef commanded that their bags be filled with food and their money should be replaced, each person in his bag. They should also be given food for the journey, and so was done.
  • The return journey: The brothers traveled with their bags on their donkeys, and during one of their rest stops, one of the brothers noticed that his money was returned to his bag. After he informed his brothers they were very frightened and exclaimed “What has G-d done to us?”

The brothers return home to get Binyamin:

  • The brothers report back to Yaakov: The brothers arrived home and told their father Yaakov all that had occurred, and that the leader of the land spoke with them very harshly and accused them of being spies. “We denied the claims, saying that we are a family of 12 brothers, and the youngest has remained home, and the leader instructed us to prove our innocence by bringing our younger brother back with us.”
  • The brothers discover their moneys were returned: As each brother opened his sack they discovered that their bags of money were all returned.
  • Yaakov refuses to send Binyamin: Yaakov lamented, saying “You have orphaned me. Yosef is no longer; Shimon is no longer and now you want to take Binyamin. Reuvein offered to take responsibility of Binyamin, and that his two sons be put to death if he does not return him. Yaakov refused the offer, as his brother had a tragedy occur to him, and Binyamin is all he has left.
  • Yaakov runs out of food and is forced to send Binyamin: The famine was very severe, and when all the food that was brought from Egypt was consumed, Yaakov instructed his sons to return to Egypt and buy food. Yehuda told his father that the leader forewarned them that they will not receive an audience unless they bring their brother back with them. Yehuda gave his father an ultimatum: “If you agree to send our brother with us we will go and buy you food, otherwise we will not go.” Yisrael replied to them “Why did you cause me evil and tell the man that you have a brother.” The brothers replied that the man inquired about their family and we answered truthfully. “Could we have known that he would ask us to bring our brother down?” Yehuda spoke and told his father that he will be responsible for Binyamin’s return and if he does not bring him back, he will be held accountable for all his days. “Let us go and live and not die. If we had not delayed until now, we could have returned already twice.” Yisrael their father consented and instructed his sons to take from the products of the land as a gift to the leader. “Take some balsam, honey, wax, birthwort, pistachios, and almonds. Take with you a double sum of money, and bring with you the money’s that were returned to your bags. May Hashem grant you mercy before the man and he will release your other brother and send him with you, with Binyamin.

The brothers travel with Binyamin to Mitzrayim and meet the viceroy:

  • The brothers did as they were instructed, and took with them the presents, the moneys, and Binyamin and appeared before Yosef.

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