Daily Chumash Thursday-Acharei Mos: Blood



·      Tell the Jewish people and their converts that if they bring an Olah or Shlamim offering outside the Temple, that man will be cut off from his people.

4.     Prohibition against eating blood:

·      Any man of Israel who eats any blood is liable for excision, and I will cut him off from the Jewish people. The soul of all flesh is found in its blood, and it has been designated to be offered to the altar, to atone for your souls. Therefore, no man or convert shall eat blood.

5.     The Mitzvah to cover blood:

·      Any Jew or convert who traps a wild animal [i.e. Chayah] or bird that may be eaten, is to have its blood covered with earth, as the soul of all flesh is found in its blood. Tell the Jewish people not to eat the blood of any flesh, as its soul is its blood, and one who consumes it will be cut off.

6.     Tuma received through eating Niveila/Treifa bird:

·      One who eats a Niveila or Treifa [of a bird] becomes impure, and requires purification. He is to wash his garments and immerse in water and remains impure until evening. If he does not wash his clothing and does not immerse his flesh [and eats Kodshim or enters the Kodesh], he shall carry his sin.

7.     Not to follow the ways of the gentiles:

·      Hashem spoke to Moshe saying, tell the Jewish people: Do not follow the ways of the land of Egypt where you lived, or the ways of the land of the Canaanites where I will bring you. Do not follow their statutes. Follow my laws and decrees as I am Hashem your G-d. Follow them and you shall live.

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