Daily Chumash Thursday Ki Sisa: Moshe ascends with the second Luchos:



  1. Moshe ascends with the second Luchos:
  • Hashem instructed Moshe to carve for himself two tablets, similar to the first ones, and Hashem will write on it the words that were on the original Luchos that were broken. Hashem told Moshe to be ready in the morning and ascend Mount Sinai without any other person and wait for Him there. No man or animal shall be in the area.
  • Moshe did as he was instructed and carved two tablets, rose in the morning and ascended the mountain with the two tablets. Hashem descended in a cloud and stood with Moshe who called His name.
  • The thirteen attributes of mercy: Hashem then replied with saying the thirteen attributes of mercy, “Hashem, Hashem, Keil Rachum Vechanun Erech Apayim Verav Chesed Viemes, Notzer Chesed La’alafim, Nosei Avon Vapesha Vechatah Venakei” This means: Hashem is a merciful G-d, slow to anger, and abundant in kindness. He preserves kindness for 2000 years. Forgiver of sin, One who absolves but does not absolve completely. He remembers the sin of a father upon the children and grandchildren, up until the 4th
  • Moshe hurried to bow to the ground and prostrated himself, asking Hashem that if he finds favor in His eyes, let Him go with them and forgive their sin.

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