Daily Chumash Thursday Shemini: The goat sin offering is burnt and not eaten



  1. The goat sin offering is burnt and not eaten:
    • Moshe discovers the goat offering was not eaten: Moshe questioned why the male goat offering was completely burnt and not eaten. He became angry with Elazar and Isamar, the remaining children of Aaron, asking them why they did not eat the Chatas which was given to atone for the congregation, in a holy area. “Its blood was not entered into the Kodesh, and hence you should have eaten it in the holies as I instructed.”
    • Aaron’s explanation: Aaron replied to Moshe that it is not befitting in the eyes of G-d to eat the offering on a day like this when these tragedies occurred to me [i.e. the death of Nadav and Avihu]. Moshe approved of this response.

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