Daily Chumash Tuesday, 21st Teves: Moshe kills the Egyptian and flees



  1. Moshe kills the Egyptian and flees:
  • Moshe grew up and visited his brethren, witnessing their slavery. He saw an Egyptian man hitting one of his Jewish brothers. Moshe turned both ways, seeing no one around, he struck the Egyptian, killing him and buried him in the ground.
  • Moshe flees: The second day he came out he saw two Jews fighting, and admonished the Rasha for hitting his friend. The Rasha replied “Who placed you as a ruler over us, will you kill me like you did to the Egyptian?” Moshe feared that word of the murder would spread, and eventually the news reached Pharaoh who desired to kill him. Moshe fled to Midian to escape death.


  1. Moshe in Midian, his marriage and children:
  • Moshe fled to Midian and settled there.
  • Moshe gives the sheep of Yisro to drink: Moshe sat by the well and saw the seven daughters of Yisro, who was the priest of Midian, coming towards the well in order to give water to their father’s flock. The shepherds came and drove them away and Moshe got up and saved them and gave their flock to drink.
  • Moshe marries Tzipporah and has children: The daughters came home to Reuel their father [i.e. Yisro] who was surprised at their early return home, and asked them as to the reason. They replied that a certain Egyptian man saved them from the shepherds and gave the flock to drink. Yisro replied that they should not have left the man there, and they should go call him to eat bread with us. Moshe accepted the request and lived in Yisro’s home. Yisro gave his daughter Tzipporah to Moshe as a wife. They had a son whom Moshe named Gershom, in name of the fact that he was a stranger in a foreign land.

  1. Hashem hears the screams of Bnei Yisrael:
  • After many days, the king of Egypt died [i.e. was afflicted with leprosy] and the Jewish people groaned and cried due to the labor. Their scream ascended to G-d and He remembered the covenant he made with Avraham and Yitzchak and Yaakov. Hashem saw the Jewish people and Hashem knew [their suffering].

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