Daily Chumash, Tuesday, 29th Kisleiv: Yosef is appointed viceroy:



  1. Yosef is appointed viceroy:
    • Pharaoh told Yosef that since Hashem revealed to him all this information, there must be no one as wise as you, and therefore he is appointing him the viceroy. Every order will come through your hands, and only the kingship will I hold over you.
    • The inauguration of Yosef: Pharaoh removed his signet ring and placed it on the hand of Yosef. He garbed him in linen clothing and placed a golden chain around his neck. Yosef was taken for a ride in the king’s royal wagon and they proclaimed before him “Avreich, Kings advisor.” Pharaoh told Yosef that he is the king and without Yosef’s consent, no one can raise a hand and foot. Pharaoh called Yosef the name Tzafnas Paneach.
    • Yosef gets married: Pharaoh gave Yosef as a wife, a woman named Asnas, the daughter of the chief butcher. Yosef was 30 years old at the time that he became ruler. He went out from the audience with Pharaoh and visited the entire land of Egypt.
  1. The years of plenty:
    • In the seven years of plenty, the earth produced much grain. The excess grain was gathered from the fields and placed in the cities [in storage]. The grain was as plentiful as the sand of the sea and was uncountable.
  1. Yosef has children:
    • Yosef had two children with Asnas prior to the arrival of the years of famine.
    • The first son was named Menashe, after the fact that Hashem allowed Yosef to forget his suffering and the home of his father.
    • The second son was named Ephraim, over the fact that Hashem made him multiply in his land of suffering.

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