Daily Chumash Tuesday, Bo: Warning of Makas Bechoros



  • Pharaoh summons Moshe: Pharaoh called Moshe and told him that the nation, including the children, could leave to serve G-d, on condition that they leave their cattle and flock in Egypt. Moshe replied “Also you will give us animals as sacrifices so we can offer them to Hashem. Our cattle will leave with us to serve Hashem, and we will not leave even one hoof in Egypt, as we do not know how we will need to serve Him until our arrival.” Hashem hardened the heart of Pharaoh and he did not agree to send them. Pharaoh said to Moshe “leave me, and you are warned not to ever step back here to see me lest you will be put to death.” Moshe replied, “You speak words of truth, I shall never come to see you again.”


  1. Hashem instructs Moshe of Makas Bechoros and the ensuing imminent exodus:
  • Hashem told Moshe that He will bring one last plague to Pharaoh and Egypt, and Pharaoh will then capitulate completely and let you go and even force you out of Egypt.
  • Leaving with wealth: Hashem told Moshe that he should speak to the Jewish people and inform them [of the imminent exodus and] that each person should request from their [Egyptian] neighbor gold and silver vessels.
  • Hashem granted the nation favor in the eyes of the Egyptians, and so too Moshe became very great in the eyes of Pharaoh and his servants.

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