Daily Chumash Tuesday-Kedoshim: List of Mitzvos-Mitzvah of Orlah and Neta Rivai

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  • Mitzvah of Orlah and Neta Rivai: When the Jewish people come to Eretz Yisrael and plant fruit trees, the fruits of the first three years are Orlah and are forbidden to be eaten. In the fourth year the fruits are to be Kodesh Hilulim, fruits of praise for Hashem. In the fifth year you may eat the fruit. The above Mitzvah was given to increase your crop.
  • Don’t eat over the blood [of a sacrifice, meaning before its blood is sprinkled].
  • Avoiding the ways of idolaters: Do not practice Nechisha/divination. Do not believe in superstitious times. Do not shave the corners of the head. Do not shave the corners of the beard. Do not cut your skin in mourning. Do not make a tattoo on your skin.
  • Don’t give your daughter over to prostitution lest the earth be filled with promiscuity.
  • Observe the Shabbos.
  • Revere the Mikdash (by not entering it with one’s staff, shoes, or belt).
  • Do not turn to the actions of the Ovos and Yidonim [i.e. necromancy]. Do not seek to become impure through them. I am Hashem your G-d.
  • Stand up for an old person and honor the Sages.
  • Fear your G-d. I am Hashem.

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