Daily Chumash Tuesday Tetzaveh: The Kutoness, Avneit, turban, and pants



  1. The Meil:
    • The material: The Meil is to be made entirely from Ticheiles-Turquoise wool.
    • Its collar: The Meil is to contain a folded collar and it may not be torn.
  • Its bells: Its hem is to be surrounded with pomegranates made of Ticheiles-Turquoise wool, Argamon-Purple wool, and scarlet wool. It is also to contain gold bells all around it. When Aaron walks with it, the bells will make noise, announcing when he enters and exits the Kodesh so that he not die.
  1. The Tzitz:
  • The Tzitz is to be made of pure gold and have engraved on it the words “Kodesh LaHashem.” It shall be placed on a Ticheiles-Turquoise wool string, and on the Mitznefes turban, by its front side. It shall be on Aaron’s forehead and he shall bring appeasement for all the sins involving Karbanos of the Jewish people.

  1. The Kutoness, Avneit, turban, and pants:
  • The material: The Kutones and turbans are to be made of checkered linen for both Aaron and his sons. The Avneit belt is to be made of embroidery.
  • The inauguration of the Kohanim: Aaron and his sons are to be inaugurated for the priesthood through dressing them in the above clothing and pouring on them the anointing oil.
  • The pants: You shall make linen pants for the Kohanim to cover their private area, from the hips to the thighs.
  • The Kohanim are to wear the priestly clothing when they serve in the Mikdash lest they die.


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