Daily Chumash Wednesday, 15th Teves: Yaakov’s parting messages for his children



  1. Yaakov’s final message to his children:
  • What will occur in the end of days: Yaakov summoned his sons and asked them to assemble so they can be told what will occur in the end of days.
  • Reuven’s final message from his father: “Reuvein, you are my first born. You are the first of my strength and vigor, and fit to be greater than all [your other brothers]. However, you were haste like water and caused your father’s bed to be defiled by interfering with your father’s bed. You will not be privileged to take more [than your other brothers].”
  • Shimon and Levi’s final message from their father: “Shimon and Levi, brothers, who use stolen tools as weapons. Do not let my name be mentioned with their schemes, and in their congregation my honor will not take part. With their wrath they killed man, and in their wishes, they uprooted an ox. Let their wrath be cursed, as it is mighty. I will scatter them amongst Israel.”
  • Yehuda’s final message from his father: “Yehuda, your brothers will acknowledge you. Your hand will be at the neck of your enemies, and your father’s sons will prostate themselves to you. Yehuda, you are a lion’s cub who ascended from prey. You crouch like a lion and who can lift you. The rod shall not depart from Yehuda, nor legislators from between his feet, until the arrival of Shilo. To him the nations will assemble. He ties the male donkey to the vine and the female donkey to the branch. He launders his clothing in wine and his robe in the blood of grapes. His eyes become red from the wine, and his teeth white from milk.”
  • Zevulun’s final message from his father: “Zevulun, you shall dwell by the shores of the sea, and at the harbor of ships, until Tzidon.”
  • Yissachar’s final message from his father: “Yissachar, you are a strong donkey resting between the city borders. He sees that his portion is good, and a land that is fertile. He will bend his shoulder to bear and will pay his dues by serving.”
  • Dan’s final message from his father: “Dan will seek justice for his nation and the tribes of Israel will be as one. Dan will be a serpent on the road and a viper on the path that bites the heels of a horse and causes its rider to fall. For your salvation I await, G-d.”

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