Daily Chumash Wednesday Chukas – Moshe asks for passage through Edom

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  1. Moshe asks for passage through Edom:
  • The request: Moshe sent messengers from Kadeish to the king of Edom asking permission to pass through their land. Moshe told him of all the troubles that their brother, the Jewish people have surpassed. He told him of the suffering of the Jewish people in Mitzraim and how Hashem saved them after they screamed to Him. “We are now in the city of Kadeish, which is at the edge of your border, please let us pass through your land. We will not pass through fields or vineyards and will not drink the well water. We shall travel the king’s road and not swerve right or left.”
  • The response: Edom refused to allow the Jewish people to pass, and threatened to greet them with the sword. The Jewish people replied [with a counteroffer] that they will travel through the highway and drink their waters for payment. Still, the Edomites refused and they came to greet the Jewish people with a heavy army. The Jewish people [had no choice] and swerved away to a different direction.

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