Daily Chumash Wednesday-Emor: The Moadim-Jewish Holidays

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  1. The Moadim-Jewish Holidays:
  • Hashem spoke to Moshe saying, tell the Jewish people that these are my festivals which are to be a calling of holiness:
  • Shabbos: One is to work for six days and on the seventh day it is a complete day of rest. It is a calling of Holiness; one is not to do any work in all your settled places.
  • Pesach: On the 14th of Nissan, it is a Pesach for Hashem [and a Karban is to be brought]. On the 15th of the month, it is Chag Hamatzos for Hashem. Matzos are to be eaten for seven days. One may not do any laborous work on the first day and seventh day. Karbanos are to be brought throughout the seven days.
  • Karban Omer: After entering Eretz Yisrael and harvesting the land, the Omer, which is the first of the harvest season, is to be brought to the Kohen. The Omer is to be waved before Hashem on the 16th of Nissan. On that day of the waving, an unblemished sheep is to be offered to G-d as an Olah. Its Mincha of two tenth-ephahs of fine flour mixed with oil and its Nesachim [i.e. poured-offering] of ¼ of a Hin of wine is to accompany the Karban.
  • Chadash: One may not eat the new bread, parched grain, and plumped grain, until the Omer offering is brought.
  • Sefiras Haomer: Count for yourselves seven weeks starting from when the Omer is offered. Count for 50 days.
  • Shavuos Karbanos: On the 50th day of count, a new Mincha is to be offered. From your settlements you are to bring two breads of elevation, made from Chametz, each bread is made of two tenth-ephahs of flour. It is a Bikurim to Hashem. It is to be accompanied by seven unblemished lambs in their first year, one young male calf, and two rams as an Olah. A single goat is to be brought as a Chatas, as well as two lambs of a year old as a Shelamim. The Kohen is to waive the two sheep upon the bread Bikurim, a waving before Hashem. That day is to be a day of Holiness. No laborious work may be done as a law for all generations.
  • Mitzvah of Leket, Shichicha, Peia: Upon harvesting the field, one is not to completely remove the corner of the field and the Leket of your harvest is not to be gathered. It is to be left to the poor and the converts.

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