Daily Halacha Wednesday-The dangers and effects of getting angry

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The dangers and effects of getting angry:

During a state of anger one’s Neshama [i.e. G-dly soul] leaves him [and a soul of Kelipa enters into him[1]].[2] For this reason, the Sages commanded one to distance himself completely from anger, to the point that he does not feel at all any effect from the words of those who anger him.[3] [One who is angry loses his wisdom[4] and forgets his Torah learning.[5] If he was destined in Heaven to become a leader, he will be demoted from his position.[6] Anger effects and blemishes one’s entire soul, unlike other sins which only blemish one particular limb.[7] Hashem loves those who do not get angry.[8] Anger causes the body to become overheated which can lead to fever.[9] Anger enters a person into danger and can lead to gout attacks.[10]]

Mother’s anger: Mothers must especially be careful to abstain from getting angry, as Chazal[11] state that when a woman is angry, her anger destroys the home.

Not to look at the face of a person when angry:[12] Its forbidden to look at the face of a person while he is angry.

Erev Shabbos anger:[13] It is brought in the name of Rav Ahron of Karlin, that getting angry on Erev Shabbos while dealing with the Shabbos preparations, effects the blessing that the guarding of Shabbos benefits oneself and his family.

Avoiding anger on Rosh Hashanah:[14] One must be very careful not to get angry on Rosh Hashanah, as besides for the great sin of anger, doing so on Rosh Hashanah is a bad omen for the coming year.

Not to eat when angry, stressed, or in fear:[15] One must beware not to eat when he is in a state of anger or fear or stress, and is only to eat when he’s in a state of balanced happiness.


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