Daily Tanach, Tuesday: Chapter 18: The inheritance of the other seven tribes


Chapter 18: The inheritance of the other seven tribes


1.     The Mishkan is erected in Shiloh:

  • The Jewish people gathered by Shiloh and erected the Ohel Moed there, which helped them conquer the remainder of the land.


2.     Distributing the remainder of the land:

  • There remained seven tribes who did not receive a portion in the land.
  • The remaining land is divided to seven portions: Yehoshua chastised them saying “For how long will you delay conquering the land that G-d has given your forefathers?” Yehoshua instructed that each remaining tribe send three representatives to walk the land and mark their respective borders and then return to him. They were instructed to divide the remaining land to seven portions, with Yehuda in the south and Yosef in the north. Yehoshua would then cast a lot for the tribes to distribute those portions.
  • The lottery is cast: They did as they were instructed and divided the remaining land to seven portions and relayed their divisions to Yehoshua in Shiloh. Yehoshua cast a lot in Shiloh to distribute the seven portions to the remaining seven tribes.


3.     The land inherited by Binyamin:

  • The [first] lottery fell on the tribe of Binyamin.
  • The land inherited by the tribe of Binyamin was between the territory of Yehuda and Yosef.
  • The northern border was by the Jordon, and it descended until near Kiryat Yearim, which was within the territory of Yehuda.
  • The following cities were amongst those included within the territory of Binyamin: Yericho; Beis Eil; Ofra; Jerusalem.


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