Daily Tanach Monday – Shmuel 2 Chapter 5: Dovid’s monarchy

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Chapter 5: Dovid’s monarchy

1.      Dovid is officially appointed king over Israel:

  • All the tribes of the Jewish people arrived to Dovid in Chevron and they said to him saying, “we are your bone and flesh. Also, yesterday, and also the days before, even while Shaul was king over us, you were the one who brought us and took us and led the Jewish people. G-d is the one who told you that “You shall shepherd My nation Israel and that you should be the appointee over Israel.” All the elders of the Jewish people came to the king in Chevron and King Dovid made with them a covenant in Chevron in front of G-d, and they anointed Dovid as king over the Jewish people.
  • The years of his monarchy: Dovid was 30 years old when he was anointed king and he reigned for 40 years. In Chevron he was king over Judah for seven years and six months, and in Jerusalem he was king for 33 years over all of Israel and Judah.

2.      The conquer of Jerusalem:

  • The king and his men went to Jerusalem by the Yevusites [who were descendants of Avimelech[1]] who were dwelling in the land, and they said to Dovid saying, “You shall not come here unless you remove the statue of the blind one and the crippled one [which represented the covenant that was made by Avimelech with Abraham and Isaac[2]].” Dovid [however paid no attention to their words] and he captured the tower of Tziyon which is the city of Dovid. Dovid said on that day, “Who will join to smite a Jebusite and knock down their idols and the lame ones and the blind one’s who are hated by the soul of Dovid.” It is for this reason that they say till today that the blind one and crippled one will not enter into the house. Dovid settled in the tower and called it the city of Dovid, and he built buildings surrounding it. Dovid’s power grew very much, and G-d, the G-d of the Legions was with him.
  • The gentile nations helped Dovid build a home: Chiram the king of Tzur sent messengers to Dovid together with Cedar woods and carpenters and stone carvers, and they built Dovid a house. Dovid then knew that G-d had prepared for him become king over the Jewish people and that he would raise his monarchy on behalf of his nation Israel.

3.      Dovid’s wives and concubines and children:

  • Dovid took for himself more concubines and wives from Jerusalem after he had arrived from Chevron, and Dovid had born to him more sons and daughters.
  • The following are the names of these children that were born to him in Jerusalem: Shamua, Shovav, Nasan and Shlomo, and Yivchar, and Eishua, and Nefeg, and Yafia, and Elishama, and Elyada, and Elifalet.

4.      The war with the Philistines:

  • The Philistines heard that Dovid had been anointed king over Israel and all the Philistines gathered to assassinate Dovid and Dovid heard and he descended the tower. The Philistines arrived and spread throughout the Valley of Refaim.
  • Dovid consults with G-d as to whether he should battle the Philistines: Dovid asked G-d saying, “Should I go out in battle against the Philistines and if I do so will you hand them over into my hands?”  G-d replied to Dovid, “You should go up in battle against the Philistines as I will hand them over into your hands.”
  • Dovid annihilates the Philistines: Dovid arrived to the area of Baal Peratzim, and he smote the Philistines there. Dovid exclaimed, “G-d has destroyed and scattered the enemy in front of me like the spread of water.” Therefore, the area was called Baal Peratzim. They left their bones there and Dovid and his men burnt them in a fire.
  • The second battle with the Philistines: The Philistines continued to go up to wage war against the Jewish people, and they spread amongst the Valley of Refaim. Dovid once again consulted with G-d as to what he should do, and G-d said to him that he should not wage war against them in that location. Rather he should go from behind them, and he should wage war against them opposite the area called Keavim. G-d said to him, “When you hear the sound of [angels that I will send to help you[3]] walking on the mountains of Keavim, that’s when you should raise the sound of war and attack, as that is when G-d will go before you to smite the camp of the Philistines.” So, Dovid did as he was commanded by G-d and he smote the Philistines from the area of Geva until the area of Boacha Gazer.

[1] Rashi 5:6

[2] Rashi 5:6

[3] Rashi 5:24

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