Daily Tanach, Monday: Yehoshua Chapter 6-Part 1: The conquest of Jericho


Chapter 6: The conquest of Jericho

1.      The siege of Jericho and instructions given:

  • The city of Jericho was closed off [by its inhabitants[1]] without allowing anyone to enter or exit.
  • Hashem instructs Yehoshua: Hashem told Yehoshua [through the angel Michael[2]] that he has handed him Jericho and its king and all its warriors. Hashem instructed Yehoshua that all the soldiers are to circle the city one time for seven days. Seven Kohanim are to carry seven Shofros of rams before the Aron. On the seventh day they are to circle the city seven times, and the Kohanim are to blow the Shofros. As the ram Shofar horn is being blown [for its last sound[3]] the entire nation is to blow a great Teruah sound and the wall of Yericho will fall, allowing the nation to enter it for battle.
  • Yehoshua instructs the Kohanim: Yehoshua summoned the Kohanim and instructed them to carry the Aron Habris, and that seven Kohanim are to carry seven Shofros, in front of the Aron of Hashem.
  • Yehoshua instructs the nation: Yehoshua instructed the nation to circle the city, and those who are armed [i.e. Bnei Gad, Reuvein and half of Menashe[4]] are to pass in front of the Aron of Hashem.

2.      The circling of the city and the Shofar symphony:

  • The blowing of the Shofar: The nation did as they were instructed and seven Kohanim carried seven Shofros before Hashem, and they went and blew the Shofros while the Aron followed them. The soldiers who passed before the Kohanim blew the Shofros, and the people [of Dan[5]] who followed the Aron blew the Shofros. Yehoshua instructed the nation not to blow the Teruah and not to make a sound or say anything [that will give their location away to the inhabitants of Jericho[6]] until the day that they are given the signal by Yehoshua to blow the Teruah.
  • The circling of the six days: [On Sunday[7]] the Aron of Hashem circled the city one time [together with Yehoshua[8]], and then returned to the camp, and remained there overnight. Yehoshua rose early in the morning [on Monday[9]], and the Kohanim carried the Aron of Hashem. The seven Kohanim who carried the seven Shofros of rams walked before the Aron of Hashem and blew the Shofar. The armed soldiers [of Bnei Gad, Reuvein and half of Menashe] walked in front of them, and the people [of Dan] walked behind the Aron and blew the Shofros. They circled the city one time on the second day [i.e. Monday] and returned to the camp. So was done for six days.
  • The seventh day: On the seventh day [which was Shabbos[10]] they awoke early by Alos Hashachar and circled the city seven times. It was only on this day that they circled the city seven times. By the seventh circling, the Kohanim blew the Shofros and Yehoshua instructed the nation to blow Teruos, as G-d has handed them the city.

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