Daily Tanach, Sunday: Shoftim Chapter 13 Part 2: The birth of Shimshon the Judge

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer

1.       Manoach requests to see the angel:

  • Manoach prayed to G-d asking Him to once again resend the man of G-d in order so he clarify the instructions of what to do with the child.
  • The angel reappears and Manoach is summoned to meet him: G-d heard the prayers of Manoach and an angel of G-d again appeared to his wife. He appeared to her while she was in the field although her husband Manoach was not there. She hurriedly summoned her husband to come, as the man of G-d has returned. So Manoach followed his wife and arrived to the man.

2.       Manoach meets the angel and receives instructions:

  • Manoach asked the man if he is the person who had previously spoken with his wife and instructed her. He replied that indeed it is him. Manoach asked the man to repeat his words and instructions with regards to the child, and what matters they must be careful regarding him.
  • The angel of G-d replied to Manoach that all the instructions which he already related to his wife are to be followed by him. These include: All grape and wine derivatives are to not be eaten, and wine of all kinds are not to be drunk, and all impure foods are not to be eaten. Whatever she was commanded is to be guarded.

3.       Manoach invites the angel for a meal:

  • Manoach requested from the angel of G-d to come to his home for a meal, and they will cook young goat in his honor.
  • The angel refuses: The angel replied that even if he enters his home, he will not eat from the bread, although if he makes a sacrifice to G-d he will elevate it. Manoach was unaware that the individual was an angel of G-d.
  • Manoach asks the angel for his name: Manoach asked the angel of G-d as to his name, in order so he can be searched for and honored when his prophecies come to fruition. The angel of G-d replied with a question: Why is it that you ask my name, as it is wonderous and concealed.

4.       Manoach offers a sacrifice to G-d and the angel returns to heaven:

  • Manoach took a young goat and a Mincha and offered it upon the rock for the sake of G-d. It became consumed in a wonderous fashion as Manoach and his wife watched.
  • The angel returns to heaven: While the flame ascended from the altar towards the heavens, the angel of G-d ascended with the flame [back to heaven]. Manoach and his wife watched and fell on their faces to the ground.
  • The couple realizes that they saw an angel and become petrified: The angel of G-d discontinued appearing to Manoach and his wife. Manoach then became aware that indeed the individual was an angel of G-d. Manoach exclaimed to his wife that they will surely die, as they have seen a vision of G-d. His wife replied that if indeed G-d wanted them to die He would not have accepted their offering and shown them all these wonders.

5.       The wife of Manoach gives birth to a son:

  • The wife of Manoach gave birth to a son and called his name Shimshon.
  • The child grew up and was blessed by G-d.
  • The spirit of G-d fell upon him in the camp of Dan, between Tzara and Eshtaol.

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