Daily Tanach, Sunday: Yehoshua Chapter 16: The lands inherited by Yosef


Chapter 16: The lands inherited by Yosef

1.     The borders of Yosef’s inheritance-Ephraim:

  • The eastern border of the tribe of Yosef was the Jordon river, opposite Jericho, and it stretched until Jericho [although Jericho itself remained within the tribe of Binyamin[1]].
  • It then went to the west, towards Beis Eil and towards Beis Choron and Gazer and Tapuach [which remained in the land of Ephraim[2]].
  • They did not conquer the city of Gazer, and it remains inhabited by the Canaanites until this very day. They were appointed as slaves.

[1] Gr”a 16:2

[2] Rashi 17:8

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