Daily Tanach Thursday Shmuel 1 Chapter 20-Part 2: Dovid and Yehonason plot what to do regarding the threat from Shaul

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer
  • A covenant is made between Yehonason and Dovid: So, Yehonason made a covenant with the house of Dovid, and Hashem demanded this covenant from the hands of Dovid [when Dovid broke it and sent Mifiboshes to strike against[1]] the enemies of Dovid [which included descendants of Yehonosaon]. Yehonason continued to make a pact with Dovid out of his love for him, as he loved him with all his soul.
  • The details of the plan: Yehonason said to Dovid: “Tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh, and you will be remembered [by my father], as your [normal] seat [at the meal] will be vacant [and he will notice you]. Hide very well for three days, and [on the third day] you shall come to the place where you hid on the day of the pact, and you shall stay beside the traveler’s stone. [I will arrive to your hiding area on the third day] and I will then shoot three arrows to the side, at a set mark [which is the travelers stone[2]]. 
  • The agreed upon sign that Shaul wishes no harm on Dovid: I will then send my lad and tell him to go, find the arrows. Now, if I tell him “The arrows are in front of you [i.e. closer to us than to you[3]]”, [then you should come out of your hiding place[4] and] take the arrow and come to me, and this will be a sign for you that you are in peace [with my father], and there is no [tension between you, and even if there is tension, certainly G-d will save you from him, and thus either way you are safe[5]]. I swear by G-d.
  • The agreed upon sign that Shaul desires to kill Dovid: However, if I say to the lad that the arrows are beyond you, then you shall run away, as [this is a sign that] G-d has sent you away. Now, regarding the matter which we have spoken about [i.e. the pact to not harm his household], Hashem is between me and you forever.
  • Dovid goes into hiding: Dovid [agreed to the conditions and he] went off to hide in the field.

[1] See Rashi 20:16

[2] Pirush Rabbeinu Yeshaya 20:21

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