Daily Tanach, Thursday: Yehoshua Chapter 24-Part 2-Yehoshua passes away-Siyum-Mazal Tov


1.      The Torah is written, and a monument is set up:

  • Yehoshua wrote these verses[1] in the Sefer Torah of G-d and took a large stone and established it as a monument there, by the entrance to the Temple of G-d [or alternatively, under the known tree of Shechem[2]]. Yehoshua stated to the Jewish people that the stone will serve as a testimony for them, that they should not stray from G-d.
  • Yehoshua then sent each person to his land of inheritance.

2.      Yehoshua passes away:

  • Age: After all the above took place, Yehoshua passed away at the age of 110 years.
  • Burial area: He was buried in the area of his inheritance, in Timnas Serach in the mountains of Ephraim, north of the roaring mountains.[3]
  • Serving G-d: The Jewish people served G-d properly throughout all the days of Yehoshua, and throughout all the days of the elders who lived after Yehoshua.
  • Yosef’s remains are buried: The bones of Yosef which the Jewish people elevated from Egypt were buried in Shechem in the field that Yaakov purchased from Chamor, the father of Shechem for 100 Kesita. That area was inherited by the descendants of Yosef.
  • Elazar the Kohen passes away: Elazar the son of Aaron passed away and he was buried in the plot of his son Pinchas, in the mountains of Ephraim.


[1] Some say this refers to the last eight verses of the Torah, while others say this refers to the Parsha of Arei Miklat. [See Rashi 24:26; Makos 11a]

[2] See Rashi 24:26

[3] See Rashi Yehoshua 24:30 that when the Jewish people did not eulogize Yehoshua properly, the mountain wanted to crush them

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