Daily Tanya 10th Adar 1: Middle of Chapter Chapter 29-The animal soul is a person’s conscious and natural state

(LY)10th Adar 1

  • The coarseness of the heart and arrogance of the Kelipa: This inability to affect the emotions of the heart is due to the coarseness and thickness of the heart, which results from the coarseness of the Kelipa which elevates itself over the light of holiness of the G-dly soul and conceals and darkens its light.
  • Crushing the heart: It is for this reason, in order to cure this state of apathy, that one needs to break and humble the heart, and the side of Kelipa, to dust. For the sake of doing so, one is to set times for belittling himself and make himself feel shameful and repulsive in his eyes.
  • Crushing the heart crushes the evil spirit: Upon breaking one’s heart one also consequently breaks the spirit of the side of evil being that this is the actual natural state of the Beinoni and is his instinctive personality.

3.      The animal soul is a person’s conscious and natural state:

  • The soul which enlivens the body retains its strength within the heart of the Beinoni just as it was when it was first born, and hence it is found that [the animal soul and side of evil from which it derives] is the person himself.
  • The G-dly soul is an addition to the natural conscious state of the person: Regarding the G-dly soul that is found within the person, the verse states “the soul that you have given to me is pure.” This implies that the person himself is not the pure and G-dly soul [and it is just that is found within him].

4.      By Tzadikim, the G-dly soul is the person himself:

  • The above is with exception to Tzadikim in which to the contrary, the pure and holy G-dly soul is the conscious state of the person himself, while their body is referred to as the flesh of man, which is so to say external from them.


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