Daily Tanya 12th Iyar-Chapter 48: Contemplating the creation and its Soveiv and Mimalei Divine lights


(LY) 12th Iyar

  1. The contractions allow the creation of limited entities:
  • The purpose of the contractions: Now is not the time to discuss the details of the contractions done to create a limited world and being, such as what are the contraction and how they take place. However, in general, the concept of contractions is that it causes the Divine light to become concealed so that it does not become drawn down to the creations in its full glory and create them ex nehilo from that level. Rather, the contractions allow only a small glimmer of the light to shine forth into the creations so that when they are created, they have limitations and boundaries.
  • A mere glimmer enters creation: Now, this small glimmer is so minute that it is like nothing in comparison to the infinite light that it was contracted from, and there is no ratio at all between them.
  • Like a ratio of one to infinity: It is unlike the ratio of even 1:100000, as the 1 contains some part of the 100,000. However, regarding a number that is infinite, even 100,000 has no part within the infinite number, and is considered like naught.

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