Daily Tanya 13th Nissan- Chapter 41-Contemplating the effect of Tzitzis and accepting G-d’s kingship


(LY) 13th Nissan

  1. Contemplating the effect of Tzitzis and accepting G-d’s kingship:
  • Drawing G-d’s kingship onto oneself: Upon wrapping oneself with Tzitzis, one should concentrate on what it says in the Zohar that by fulfilling this Mitzvah one draws upon himself the kingdom of G-d which is the kingdom of all worlds. One should intend to unify this kingship upon himself through this Mitzvah. This fulfills the intent of the verse “and one shall place a king upon himself.”
  • An emotional fear versus an intellectual fear: Even in the event that despite contemplating the above one is still unable to bring himself to feel palpable emotions of fear and trepidation in his heart, nonetheless, since he accepts upon himself the kingship of heaven, he at the very least draws upon himself the fear of G-d into his conscious mind and will of his intellect.
  • An absolutely true acceptance: This acceptance is absolutely true without any doubt, as it is the nature of the souls of all Jewish people to not rebel against Hashem the king.
  1. A complete service of G-d requires fear, acceptance of the yoke of heaven, and not just love:
  • A complete service of G-d: When one then studies Torah or performs a Mitzvah as a result of the above acceptance of the Divine kingship, and due to the drawing down of fear into his mind, then his service of G-d is considered complete and whole, and is similar to any service that a servant does for his master and King.

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