Daily Tanya 14th Adar 1: Middle of Chapter Chapter 29-Contemplating all one’s thoughts, speech, and actions

(LY) 14th Adar 1

3.      Contemplating all one’s thoughts, speech, and actions:

  • Even one who is clean of any severe sins from the times of his youth, nonetheless, he too can bring himself to broken heartedness through fulfilling the instructions of the Zohar to constantly calculate one’s spiritual status.
  • From the day that one was born: One should perform a deep introspection of his soul and spiritual state regarding each of his thoughts, speech, and actions, from the day that he was born [and became responsible for his actions] until this day.
  • Thoughts, speech, and action, not for the sake of heaven: He should contemplate whether all of these thoughts, speech and actions came from the side of holiness or from the side of impurity, heaven save us. This refers to any thought, speech, and action, which was not for the sake of heaven, but for the sake of fulfilling His will and worshiping Him. This indeed is the meaning behind the side of evil, which is a side that is not the side of holiness.
  • Thoughts of holiness connect one to the heavenly chambers of holiness: It is well known that whenever a person thinks thoughts of holiness he becomes a chariot at that moment for the chambers of holiness, from which all of these holy thoughts come from.
  • Thoughts of impurity connect one to the heavenly chambers of impurity: The same applies regarding impure thoughts, that one who contemplates impure thoughts at that moment becomes an impure chariot for the chambers of impurity from which all the evil thoughts derive from.
  • The same applies regarding one who speaks or performs actions of good or evil.

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