Daily Tanya 14th Nissan-Chapter 41-A complete service of G-d requires fear, acceptance of the yoke of heaven, and not just love


(LY) 14th Nissan

  • An incomplete service: This is in contrast to one who studies Torah and performs Mitzvah’s with the emotion of love of G-d alone [without fear and acceptance of the kingship], in order so he attach himself to G-d through his Torah and his Mitzvahs, then this is not considered the service of a servant [and is not a complete and whole service of G-d].
  • The Torah demands the service of a servant: This idea that serving G-d only due to love does not suffice, is based on the verse which states “and you shall serve Hashem your G-d,” “and you shall serve Him,” [which teaches us that the Divine service must be similar to that of a servant to his master which involves fear].
  • Like a yoke on an ox: This point is further emphasized in the Zohar which states that upon serving G-d one is to first accept upon himself the yoke of the kingship of heaven, like an ox who has a yoke placed on his neck order to bring benefit for the world from him.
  • No holiness on person without acceptance of the yoke of heaven: If a person does not have this acceptance of the yoke of heaven in his Divine service, then holiness does not reside on him.
  • Serving G-d as a servant and as a son: The Zohar states that every individual needs to have two different aspects and levels in his Divine service, one being that of a servant [who serves G-d with fear and acceptance of the yoke of heaven], and the second being that of a son [who serves G-d with love]. Now, although there exists a son who is on such a high level that his Divine service is considered also like that of a servant, nevertheless, it is not possible to come to this level without first introducing the higher level of fear, as is known to those who know.

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