Daily Tanya 17th Adar 1: Middle of Chapter 30-Humbling oneself before all creatures

(LY) 17th Adar 1

3.      The above arguments cannot be used by a sinner as an excuse for sinning:

  • [The above argument is only to be used by the person who is being judgmental, so he stop judging the other person. However,] the lowlife sinner has no excuse for his sins and bad behavior, even though he has a hot temperament and spends all of his time with the storeowners for the sake of his business.
  • Fear of G-d allows mind to control heart: As no matter how tough the challenge, he is expected and commanded to overcome it and abstain from succumbing to his passionate inclination that is found within his heart, due to his fear of G-d and due to his natural ability to have his mind rule over his heart, and if he doesn’t then he is called a complete Rasha as he does not have the fear of G-d opposite his eyes.

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