Daily Tanya 18th Iyar Chapter 49-The meditations of Birchas Kerias Shema that help stimulate the above level of love


(LY) 18th Iyar

  1. The meditations of Birchas Kerias Shema that help stimulate the above level of love:
  • We can now understand the purpose of the blessings said before the Shema, as they are there in order to help stimulate the above level of love. As on the onset, it is most wondrous as to how a person can reach such a high level of love for G-d to give up everything on his behalf. Hence, this is accomplished by contemplating the subjects brought in the before blessing of Yotzer Or of the Shema, as we will now explain.

  1. The first blessing of Yotzer Or:
  • The Angels scream in fear and trepidation of G-d: The first blessing of Yotzer Or discusses in length the order of the Angels within the various spiritual worlds and the fear and trepidation they have for G-d. Its purpose is to inform us of G-d’s greatness and how everything is nullified to His Divine light and how everything is fearful of Him. They scream in fear and sanctify G-d saying that He is holy.
  • The Angels receive limited revelation of G-dliness: By saying so the Angels are expressing that angels of even the highest level do not receive a revelation of the essence of G-dliness and that G-d is separate even from them and hence they fall in trepidation when He is revealed. The same applies regarding the Angels known as the Ofanim and Chayos Hakodesh, that they scream to G-d and exclaim “blessed be the glory of G-d in His place,” as they do not know or comprehend His place, as He alone is elevated and holy.
  • The Jewish people receive G-d’s true revelation: In contrast, however, the Jewish people above and below receive the true revelation of G-d as the verse states that He fills all the world with his glory.

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