Daily Tanya 21st Iyar Chapter 49 – The verbalization draws down the G-dlines


(LY) 21st Iyar

  • The verbalization draws down the G-dliness: It is through the speech of G-d that man lives. Nonetheless, one does not fulfill his obligation of Torah study through mere thought and deep contemplation, until he actually verbalizes the words. The reason for this is because it is the verbalization of the words that has the power to draw the infinite light of G-d below onto the animal soul which is found in the blood of man and is made up of the inanimate, and vegetative and animal kingdoms.
  • The G-dliness elevates the world: This G-dliness that is drawn down as a result of one’s verbalized Torah study then elevates all the matters of the world back to G-d and include it within His unity, so that His G-dliness shine throughout the world and those who dwell in it.
  • The purpose of the world: The above is the entire purpose of the progressive descent of all the worlds, so that the glory of G-d fills the entire earth in a revealed manner and turn darkness to light and bitterness to sweetness, as explained above in length.
  • The purpose of man’s Divine service: This is also the entire purpose and intent of man’s Divine service, to draw down the infinite light of G-d below.
  • Must first preface the passion to give up everything for G-d: Nonetheless, in order for one’s Torah study to have the above effect one must first preface it with “feminine waters” which refers to the exercise of the heart and mind during the recital of the Shema in which one resolves to give up everything of his life and soul and money for G-d’s sake.

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