Daily Tanya 27th Adar 1: Chapter 32-The Mitzvah to love all other sinners, including the not observant Jew

(LY) 27th Adar 1

  • Only applies if one is acquainted and on intimate terms with the individual: Based on the above, we can deduce that one who is not acquainted with the transgressor and is not his friend and is not on intimate terms with him, then the above instruction and Mitzvah to hate him does not apply.

  1. The Mitzvah to love all other sinners, including the not observant Jew:
  • The Mitzvah to love all creatures: [Furthermore, not only may one not hate an individual who is not his colleague in Torah and Mitzvah’s and is excluded from the above instruction to be hated, but] on the contrary, towards such a person applies the dictum of Hillel the Elder that one should always chase after peace, and love all creatures and draw them closer to Torah.
  • The Mitzvah to love nonreligious Jews and bring them back to Judaism with love: The above instruction to love all creatures includes even those who are very distance from the Torah and service of G-d, and are hence referred to as mere creatures, nonetheless, one is instructed to attract them to Judaism with strong cords of love.
  • The purpose of this love to the nonreligious Jew-Fulfills the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisrael: [There are no drawbacks involved in this love for the nonreligious Jew, as] if he is successful, then he will manage to bring him back to Torah and service of G-d, and even if he is not successful, he does not lose out from being rewarded for fulfilling the Mitzvah of loving his fellow Jew.

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