Daily Tanya 27th Iyar Chapter 51: The revelation in our physical world


(LY) 27th Iyar

  1. The revelation in our physical world:
  • The most intense of contractions and concealing of garments: The intensity of the filtering of the revelation and energy of the infinite light of G-d within the concealing garments eventually became so great that it led to the creation of the actual physical world.
  • Complete concealment of Divine energy: The physical world is brought into existence and given energy through this Divine revelation which shines through the many intense and concealing garments. These garments consequently hide and conceal the Divine energy and light to the point that there is no light or spirituality able to be seen or felt at all within the physical world, and all of its creations and objects appear as if they are dead without any Divine energy, even though in truth they contain Divine light which brings them into existence and enlivens them at every moment so they do not return to absolute nothingness.
  • Contains the infinite light of G-d within: In truth, the Divine energies and light of the world come from the infinite light of G-d and it is just that it is invested in many garments. As writes the Eitz Chaim, that this physical world which can be seen with physical sight is created from Malchus of Malchus of Assiya which contains within it Malchus of Yetzirah up until the world of Atzilus, which contains within it all of the 10 Sefiros of Atzilus which are actually united with their emanator which is the infinite G-d.

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