Daily Tanya 28th Adar 2: Chapter 39-In Atzilus there is no comprehension of G-dliness, in contrast to Beriya

(LY) 28th Adar 2

  1. In Atzilus there is no comprehension of G-dliness, in contrast to Beriya:
  • Atzilus: The world of Atzilus is higher than the intellect and comprehension of the human mind, as the Chabad of Ein Sof in Atzilus is united with Him in an absolute and most intense unity, which vastly and infinitely surpasses the unity in the world of Beriya.
  • Beriya: In Beriya, the Chabad of Ein Sof descended in the form of contractions in order to shine to the creations there and allow them to have some level of comprehension and understanding of G-d, each according to their limited intellectual capabilities. The G-dly revelation had to be contracted to the point that the limited and defined creations could comprehend G-dliness and still retain their existence and not become nullified and reincorporated within their root and source which is actual G-dliness.
  • The contractions allow the souls to benefit from G-dliness: This contraction is the cause of why a ray of Chabad of Ein Sof shines to the souls who dwell in the world of Beriyah. In contrast, in the world of Atzilus where the Chabad of Ein Sof is not in such a state of contraction, it’s not possible for created intellectual beings to receive from it and comprehend G-dliness at all.

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