Daily Tanya 28th Iyar Chapter 52: The revelation of the divine presence in the various worlds


Chapter 52: The revelation of the divine presence in the various worlds

(LY) 28th Iyar

  1. The main revelation of G-dliness is in Chabad of Atzilus and from there is diffused onwards:
  • In G-d’s wisdom of Torah and Mitzvot: Just as we explained regarding the human soul, that its main revelation is in the brain and from there it’s diffused to the rest of the body, so too the main revelation of G-d’s divinity and light which gives vitality to the worlds and its creatures is first invested in the attributes of intellect of G-d which are known as Mochin. In turn, it is invested within the Torah and its Mitzvos.
  • The life force of the worlds: It is from this general source of G-dliness found in “Mochin” that all the worlds receive their vitality each on their individual level. Each world receives only a mere ray from this general revelation, as we explained regarding each limb receiving a ray of the general soul that is revealed in the brain and is similar to receiving a ray of the sun.
  • The name of this revelation from Mochin: The revelation of G-dliness that comes from the source of Mochin and is then distributed to each individual world and its creations on their level is called by several names such as Alma Deisgalya, and Matranisa, and Ima Tatah, and Shechinah.
  • The reason behind these names: The revelation from the level of Mochin is referred to as the revealed worlds, or Alma Deisgalya, being that it is the first revelation of the infinite light of G-d which then shines to the world’s and becomes the source of vitality for each and every creation that is in it.
  • The mother of all the Jewish souls: It is therefore also referred to as a mother, being that the souls of the Jewish people all derive from it, as all the Jewish souls whether from Atzilus or Beriyah, derive from the level called Shechinah. All of the Jewish souls are only result from this Divine revelation and source which is known as the Shechinah, similar to the light which comes from the sun.

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