Daily Tanya 29th Iyar Chapter 52: The revelation of the divine presence in the various worlds


(LY) 29th Iyar

  1. The revelation of the Shechinah is received through the Torah:
  • Shechinah is source of all divine energy in worlds: The Shechinah is the first and main revelation of the infinite light of G-d to the world’s and serves as the source of all the other revelations received by each creation, as they all come from a mere glimmer of the light of the Shechinah similar to the light that comes from the sun.
  • Above comprehension-The revelation requires a garment: Now, it is not possible for the worlds and their creations to receive from the actual light of the Shechinah itself and it must be received through a garment which conceals it, otherwise they would become completely nullified in their existence as the ray of the sun is nullified within the actual sun in which no light can be seen other than the sun itself.

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