Daily Tanya 30th Adar 1: Chapter 34-Rejoicing over Making a dwelling place for G-d through Torah and Charity

Chapter 34: Rejoicing over Making a dwelling place for G-d through Torah and Charity

(LY) 30th Adar 1

1.      The unity of the Divine presence within the forefathers, prophets, and ancestors:

  • The forefathers: It is well-known that our forefathers were a chariot for G-d. Throughout all of their days they never ceased for even one moment to connect their minds and souls to the master of the world through the above nullification to G-d’s unity that was explained in chapter 33.
  • The prophets: Likewise, all the prophets that followed after them, each one connected their mind and souls to G-d according to their level.
  • Moshe: However, the level of the connection of Moshe to G-d surpasses those of all others, as the sages state regarding Moshe that the Divine presence would speak through the mouth of Moshe.
  • The Jewish people on Mount Sinai: On Mount Sinai, the Jewish people also merited a glimmer of such an experience [of becoming a chariot for G-d similar to the prophets], however, they were unable to handle this revelation, as the sages teach us that their souls left their bodies upon hearing each command of G-d, as they became nullified in their existence.

2.      The residing of the Divine presence in the Temple:

  • Being that the Jewish people were not able to handle the revelation of G-d within them, therefore G-d immediately commanded them to build a tabernacle with a holy of holies in order for the Divine presence to reside within their midst.
  • Revelation of G-d’s unity: The residing of the Divine presence refers to the revelation of G-d’s unity below as will be explained in chapter 35.

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