Daily Tanya 3rd Adar 2: End of Chapter 34-The residing of the Divine presence in the teachings of Halacha

(LY) 3rd Adar 2

3.      Retaining a feeling of disgust of one’s spiritual state despite all the above joys:

All the above different experiences of joy that one can have with G-d does not contradict the feeling of disgust, broken heartedness, and humbleness over one’s low spiritual state.

Disgust from the animal soul and joy from the G-dly soul: It is possible to experience this broken heartedness even during the actual joy, as the broken heartedness is a result of the body and animal soul while the joy is a result of the G-dly soul and the spark of G-d that is within it to enliven it.

On this the Zohar states that one can experience weeping on one side of the heart and joy on the other side.

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