Daily Tanya 3rd Adar 1: Middle Chapter 27-Being Happy with one’s Avoda of pushing away evil

(LY) 3rd Adar 1

3.      Being Happy with one’s Avoda of pushing away evil-The depression which results from having forbidden lusts is due to arrogance:

  • Not knowing one’s place: Accordingly, not only is there no reason to be depressed over the fact that one has forbidden thoughts, but on the contrary this depression is from the evil inclination and comes from arrogance, being that the person believes that he is someone whom he is not.
  • Grandeur-A desire to be a Tzadik: He is not satisfied with his position and purpose as a Beinoni and has grandiose desires to rather be on the level of a Tzadik whom certainly do not have such forbidden and vain thoughts such as these falls into to their minds. In truth, if he knew and recognized his true position and purpose, and that he is very distanced from the level of a Tzadik, then he would not be depressed over this at all, as he would understand that this is his level and purpose.
  • Focus on being a Beinoni prior to fantasizing about being a Tzadik: A person on this level, rather than having fantasy thoughts of being a Tzadik, should focus on at the very least trying to be a Beinoni for his entire life, and not be a Rasha for even one moment.
  • The purpose of the Beinoni is to banish the forbidden lusts: The entire job of the Beinoni and their service in this world is exactly for this purpose, to overcome their evil inclination, and push away with two hands the evil thoughts that enter their mind from their heart and completely remove their mind from it.

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