Daily Tanya 3rd Nissan: Serving Hashem Lishma versus not Lishma

(LY) 3rd Nissan

  1. Serving Hashem Lishma versus not Lishma-Love & fear versus habit versus ulterior motives:
  • Ulterior motives: Not Lishma does not just mean that one serves Hashem for ulterior motives, Chas Veshalom [which is certainly defined as not Lishma], but even if he serves Hashem simply out of habit, without any motivation.
  • Habitual service: On this the prophet bemoans “And you fear Me and fulfill Mitzvahs out of habit,” due to the habit that one became accustomed to from a young age, through his father’s and teacher’s education to fear and serve G-d.
  • True Lishma requires feelings of love and fear: Such a person is not considered to be serving Hashem truly Lishma, as true Lishma is not possible without arousing fear and love at least in his mind, from the natural love that is hidden in his heart.
  • The reason: Just as a person does not perform an action for his friend unless he loves or fears him, so too it’s not possible to truly serve G-d Lishma and fulfill His wishes without at the very least remembering and arousing love and fear at all in his mind and thought.

  1. Love alone does not suffice-One who serves Hashem with love but without fear:
  • Love alone is not considered Avoda without also arousing at least the lower level of fear which is hidden in the heart of every Jew.

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