Daily Tanya 3rd Sivan Chapter 53: The Shechinah in this physical world


Chapter 53: The Shechinah in this physical world

(LY) 3rd Sivan

  1. The level of the Shechinah revealed in the first Temple:
  • Within the Holy of Holies: When the first Temple was in existence, which contained the Aron and the Luchos within the Holy of Holies, the Shechinah, which is the revelation of G-dliness found in Malchus of Atzilus, resided there.
  • Within the 10 Commandments: It was invested within the Ten Commandments.
  • Higher revelation than the worlds of Yetzirah and Assiya: This revelation in the first Temple was greater and more intense than the revelation of Malchus of Atzilus and G-d’s infinite light within the Kodesh Hakedoshim of the upper spiritual worlds [of Yetzirah and Assiya].

  1. Why the Luchos are a conduit for the revelation of Malchus of Atzilus:
  • 10 Commandments include the entire Torah: The Ten commandments incorporate the entire Torah which derives from the supernal Chochma of G-d, which is much higher than the revealed worlds [of Yetzirah and Assiya].
  • Not partaking in Seder Hishtalshelus: In order for the Torah and wisdom of G-d to be inscribed in the physical stones of the Luchos, the Torah needed to maintain its original spiritual level and thus they did not descend in the chain like descent of worlds, of Seder Hishtalshelus.
  • Artwork of G-d which is above nature: This physical world runs in accordance with the laws of nature, while the Luchos are an artwork of G-d, and the writing is the script of G-d which are much higher than the nature of this physical world.
  • Luchos receive straight from Malchus of Atzilus and Beriya: Thus, while this world receives from the ray of the Shechinah as it is found in the Kodesh Kedoshim of Assiya, the Luchos receive from the Chochma of Atzilus as its invested in Malchus of Atzilus and Beriya, which alone are united with the infinite light of G-d.
  • The Shechinah: This is the level of Shechinah that resided in the Kodesh Hakedoshim of the first Temple, and was invested in the Ten Commandments that were inscribed on the Luchos that were found in the Aron in a miraculous fashion and as the living artwork of G-d.
  • Alma Deiskasya: This level that resides in the world of Beriya is known as the hidden world, or Alma Deiskasya.

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