Daily Tanya 4th Adar 1: Middle Chapter 27-The great effect in heaven when an evil lust is controlled

(LY) 4th Adar 1

3.      The great effect in heaven when an evil lust is controlled and pushed away:

  • Subjugating and humbling the power of evil: Every single time that a person pushes away a forbidden thought from his mind he consequently subjugates the side of evil and pushes it below.
  • The effect in heaven: This subjugation of evil below in this world in turn causes a mirroring effect above in the spiritual worlds in which there too, the side of evil that exists above and inflates itself with arrogance like an eagle, becomes subjugated. This hence fulfills the verse which states “if you raise yourself high like an eagle, from there I will take you down says G-d.”
  • The great satisfaction G-d receives from this subjugation of evil: The Zohar elaborates on the great satisfaction that G-d receives when the side of evil becomes humbled and subjugated. This causes G-d’s glory to shine above throughout all the world’s, much more than his glory shines after any other type of praise, [such as the fulfillment of Mitzvahs]. This in fact is the greatest satisfaction that G-d can receive from man’s Divine service below.

4.      Born for battle-Not to be demoralized even if you will have to battle evil lusts your entire life:

  • Based on all the above it is understood that one should not be demoralized and downtrodden to too much of an extent over the fact that he may need to battle his evil lusts throughout his entire life. The reason for this is because perhaps this is the entire purpose for which he was created, and this is his mission in life, to constantly overcome and subjugate the side of evil.
  • G-d created ReshaimPeople who need to battle with forbidden lusts for their entire lives: It is on this possibility [that one may have been created with intent to battle evil lusts for his entire life] that it states in Iyov that G-d created Reshaim. This does not refer to actual Reshaim who transgress G-d’s laws heaven forbid, but rather to individuals who are constantly troubled with thoughts of the evil lusts and passions that are committed by Reshaim, the purpose of which is for them to constantly battle these thoughts and remove their minds from it in order to subjugate and humble the side of evil.
  • These individuals will not be ever able to completely banish and nullify these forbidden thoughts and lusts, being that such accomplishments are only achieved by those on the level of a Tzadik.

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