Daily Tanya 4th Iyar-Chapter 46: A mirrored love- reciprocating the love that G-d has for you


Chapter 46: A mirrored love- reciprocating the love that G-d has for you

(LY) 4th Iyar

  1. Another meditation which can arouse a most captivating love:
  • Easy and conventional: There exists another conventional meditation which can help arouse one’s fiery love for G-d. This meditation is uncomplex and is equal for all people to follow.
  • A fiery love: This love is very, very, near to the heart for it to be aroused, and to cause the light of love which is stuck and concealed in the heart to shine with an intense light likened to a fiery flame, within the consciousness of one’s heart and mind.
  • A love of self-sacrifice: The love reaches such an intensity, that one is willing to give up his life, his body and money for the sake of G-d, with all of his heart and soul and might, from the very depths of his heart in absolute truth.
  • During prayer: This passion and emotion is especially able to be aroused during Kerias Shema and prayer, as will be explained.
  • What then is this great, uncomplex, and potent meditation-it is the meditation of G-d’s love for us, as explained next.

  1. Let G-d’s love for you mirror back into your heart:
  • Like water reflects the face of a man: The principal of arousing the above-mentioned love is through internalizing the verse[1] “Like water reflects the face of a man, so too the heart of man reflects the heart of another man.”
  • Man’s heart reflects the heart of his friend: This verse means to say that just as water has the instinctive natural capability to show the exact replica and features of a man’s face who is looking at the water, so too the heart of man has the instinctive nature to reflect the love that another person shares for him.
  • Becoming loyal lovers: The true and faithful love that one individual shares in his heart towards another individual arouses a mirrored love in the heart of whom he loves, thus causing the two to become loyal lovers. This especially applies when one notices the love that his friend shares for him.


[1] Mishlei 27:19

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