Daily Tanya 5th Adar 2: Middle of Chapter 35-The words of the Yanuka in the Zohar-Fueling the Shechina on one’s head

(LY) 5th Adar 2

3.     The words of the Yanuka in the Zohar-Fueling the Shechina on one’s head:

  • The Yanuka expounds on the verse “and the wise man contains eyes in his head” the following teaching, as at first glance, the message of this verse does not make any sense, as where else would a person’s eyes be other than his head. Rather, the intent of the verse is certainly as follows:
  • Focusing on the Divine presence that rests on one’s head: We have been taught that a person should not walk four cubits without a head covering, being that the Divine presence rests upon his head. Hence, the above verse comes to tell us that a wise man should always focus on that which resides on his head. This should lead to him being concerned over how he can fuel the continuity of the Divine presence upon him.
  • Fueling the Divine presence so it continues to rest on one’s head: You see, a flame requires oil, and so too the flame of the Divine presence needs oil to remain on the head. The body of man is the wick onto which the flame of G-d is lit. Now, King Solomon shouted in the verse “do not allow the oil on your head to go lacking,” as the flame that is on top of one’s head requires oil.
  • The oil is one’s good deeds: Now, what is the oil that fuels the flame of G-d on one’s head? These are good deeds. [On this it says that the wise man focuses his eyes on his head, as he is always conscious to provide oil of good deeds to fuel the flame of G-d that rests on him.]
  • This ends the teaching from the Yanuka, as brought in the Zohar.

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