Daily Tanya 5th Iyar-Chapter 46: The intensity of the reflected love when the two lovers do not share the same social standings


(LY) 5th Iyar

  1. The intensity of the reflected love when the two lovers do not share the same social standings:
  • The above natural ability for the love that another has for an individual to be reflected and reciprocated in that individuals heart applies by all people and all levels of relationship, even if the two people are of equal social standing. All the more so does it apply if the lover and the subject of the love are of disproportionate social standings.
  • A parable of a king showing love for his most lowly subject: For example: A great and mighty king [or president] who shows his great and intense love to a simple and shameful individual who is the lowest of the low amongst people and debases himself in filth.
  • The king personally removes the person from his filth: Now, imagine if this king descended from his house of glory with all his entourage of ministers to help this person out of his filth.
  • The king unites with him in his inner chamber: The King then removes him from the filth and brings him to his inner chambers, the chamber of the king which is a room within rooms, an area that no servant or minister may enter.
  • The king embraces and kisses him: The king brings this lowlife there and secludes himself with him in a true state of unity and closeness by hugging him and kissing him and attaching his soul to the other person’s soul with all his heart and soul.
  • An intense reflective love in the lowlife: Certainly, and all the more so, would this encounter, naturally and instinctively arouse within this simple and lowly individual a redoubled and intensified love towards the soul of the king and he would desire to attach his soul to the king’s soul from the greatest and infinite depths of his heart.
  1. Even one who has a heart of stone can reciprocate the love:
  • Even if the subject of the love [i.e. the lowlife in the above parable] is a person with a heart of stone, it will melt like wax and water in the face of such intense love that he is being shown [from such a prestige individual-the king] and his soul will pour out like water in its love for the king and his great passion for him.

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