Daily Tanya 8th Adar 2: Middle of Chapter 36-The purpose of the descent in revelation of G-d’s light is for our physical world

(LY) 8th Adar 2

  1. The purpose of the descent in revelation of G-d’s light is for our physical world:
  • The purpose cannot be for the higher worlds: The purpose of the gradational descent of the world and the increasing concealment of G-d’s light and revelation was not done for the sake and purpose of the upper worlds, which experience a greater revelation of G-dliness than the lower world, as nonetheless these worlds are of no gain for G-d, being that it is still a descent from the original revelation of G-d’s light that existed prior to the creation.
  • The lowest world which contains evil that can be subjugated and transformed is the ultimate purpose of creation: Rather, one must conclude that the purpose of creation is for this lowest physical world, and the purpose for its creation is because G-d desired to receive pleasure from the subjugation of the forces of darkness and evil and their ultimate transformation into divinity. Now, this G-dly experience of joy from the subjugation and transformation of evil is only possible to be accomplished in this physical world, which is the lowest of all the worlds and contains the evil that needs to be subjugated and transformed.
  • Filling the entire world with G-d’s light: The ultimate purpose is not just to subjugate evil, but to shine the infinite light of G-d within this place of darkness and evil and have it be revealed within this entire world.
  • This world will experience the ultimate revelation of G-d; Light shines greater in a place of darkness: Furthermore, this infinite light of G-d that we are tasked to shine within this physical world is of even greater quality and intensity than that which already shines in the upper worlds, as light contains a superior quality when it shines in an area of darkness. Likewise, even in the upper worlds their revelation of G-d is through many garments of concealment which prevent the infinite light of G-d from being seen in order so it does not become nullified in its existence. However, through our work in this physical world of transforming darkness to light, we will experience the shining of the actual infinite light of G-d.

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