Daily Tanya Friday 17th Teves: Chapter 11-End-The Avoda of the Tzadik Vetov Lo

The Avoda of the Tzadik Gamur and Bnei Aliyah-Elevating evil to holiness:

  • Why they are called Bnei Aliyah: The complete Tzadik is referred to as Bnei Aliyah being that they transform evil through elevating it to holiness.
  • No entrance for the incomplete Tzadik: A proof of the above relationship between the complete Tzadik and Bnei Aliyah can be found in the Zohar which states that when Rabbi Chiya [who was seemingly an incomplete Tzadik] desired to enter the spiritual chamber within the garden of Eden of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai [who was a complete Tzadik], a heavenly voice declared that only those who have turned darkness to light and bitterness to sweetness are allowed entry.
  • They work to please G-d and not just to attach to Him: Another reason for why the complete Tzadik is referred to as Bnei Aliyah is because their entire intent in serving G-d through fulfilling Torah and Mitzvahs is all for the benefit of G-d and the spiritual realms, and not simply for their own selfish motives. [Although the complete Tzadik contains within him the most complete and intense love and passion for G-d, nonetheless] their Divine service is not motivated solely by the desire to cleave and attach to G-d, and quench the passion of their soul for G-d, and rather is motivated by the desire to give G-d satisfaction and satisfy the desire of G-d to see His Divine presence be unified with the lower realms.
  • Like a son who desires to satisfy his father: As per the Zohar, the complete Tzadik is similar to a son who loves his father and mother more than his own soul, and therefore is dedicated to serving them, and is ready to give up his life for the sake of redeeming them from captivity. [The same applies with the complete Tzadik, that his service of G-d does not revolve any personal benefit or pleasure and is being done for the sole purpose to satisfy and please G-d and redeem the Divine presence from its state of exile.]

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