Daily Tanya 30th Shevat: Chapter 25-The power and purpose of the daily Shema

(LY) 30th Shevat

  1. The power and purpose of the daily Shema:
  • Based on all the above we can understand why Moshe commanded us in Mishneh Torah to the generation which entered the land of Israel to read the Shema prayer twice a day. This was done in order, so we accept upon ourselves twice daily the kingdom of heaven with absolute Mesirus Nefesh.
  • Why the need for giving up one’s life in battle if we were promised victory: Although we were already promised by G-d that fear and trepidation will be placed upon the enemy nations [and hence the need for self-sacrifice during the war is seemingly superfluous] nonetheless we were instructed by Moshe to accept upon ourselves this self-sacrifice, not for the sake of the battle, but rather for the sake of fulfilling the Torah and Mitzvahs.
  • Self-sacrifice is the catalyst for one’s observance and service of G-d: As stated above, one’s fulfillment of Torah and Mitzvahs is dependent on him constantly remembering his willingness to give up his life for the unity of G-d. Now, in order for this message to be constantly embedded within one’s heart and memory, day and night, Moshe instructed us to say the Shema twice daily, so we constantly be able to overcome our evil inclination at any time or moment.

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