Daily Tanya Friday 2rd Shevat: End of Chapter 23: The great fear of G-d which should be experienced during Torah study

(LY) 23rd Shevat

  1. The great fear of G-d which should be experienced during Torah study:
  • Taking all the above into account, a person who is in the midst of Torah study should draw upon himself a great fear of G-d after contemplating the fact that his soul and its garments in his mind and mouth are actually united with an absolute unity to the Divine will, and that the infinite G-d Himself is revealed within them, to which all of the upper and lower worlds are considered like naught and nothingness before Him.
  • A unique experience not found in the upper worlds: This experience is not even felt in the upper worlds, as the Divine will of G-d does not become actually invested within them, but rather simply encompasses them to give them their basic vitality of existence, and for this purpose shines to them a mere ray of the Divine will which becomes invested within them, in accordance to that which they are able to handle and not become nullified in their existence.
  • A wisdom that leads to fear: It is regarding such fear that the sages state that if there is no wisdom there is no fear, as this fear is created through the study of G-d’s wisdom. Regarding this fear, the Torah is considered the gate that leads one to the fear.
  • Even if not consciously experienced it leads to observance: Nonetheless, not every mind is capable of consciously experiencing this fear. However, even those who are not capable at all to consciously experience it to any measure or amount due to the low root and source of their G-dly soul in the ten Sefiros of the world of Assiya, nonetheless, this lack of conscious feeling does not prevent them from fulfilling and observing the Torah and Mitzvahs as a result of it.

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