Daily Tanya Friday 9th Shevat: End of Chapter 18-Understanding the soul’s level of Chochma, and its effect on Emuna

(LY) 9th Shevat

3.       Understanding the soul’s level of Chochma, and its effect on Emuna:

  • Chochma is above comprehension and understanding: The level of Chochma is the source for all intellect and understanding. It is higher than the level of Bina which is the full understanding and comprehension of an intellectual concept. Chochma on the other hand transcends understanding and comprehension and acts as its source, feeding it the concept that it needs to understand. This is why the word Chochma is made up of the word “Koach Mah/a power of what” being that it refers to that which is still above understanding and comprehension. It is exactly for this reason that the level of Chochma merits to house and contain within it the infinite light of G-d which too is above the comprehension of any being.
  • Emuna-All Jews have simple belief in G-d: It is due to this level of Chochma contained within each Jew that every single Jew, even women and ignoramuses, believe in G-d. Faith and belief is likewise above one’s intellect and comprehension, and hence a Jew’s simple faith and belief in G-d is not the result of intense intellectual calculations and conclusions, but rather is a result of the level of Chochma that shines in their soul.
  • We are all like fools in comparison to G-d: Scripture states that a fool believes all matters. Now, regarding G-d, this holds true regarding everybody even the intellectuals, as G-d is above the intellect of all beings, and everyone is considered like a fool in His comparison. Accordingly, it is understood that every Jew, even the intellectual, has a simple belief in G-d that transcends his intellect and understanding. It is also due to this reason that the verse in Psalms states that “I am like an animal who does not know, and I am always with you.” This verse is coming to express the above idea, that a Jews total dedication and self-sacrifice for G-d, and his retention of loyalty towards G-d despite anything that may occur, is a result of the fact that he is like an animal who does not have comprehension, as his belief and faith in G-d is above comprehension.

4.       Understanding a Jews ability for Mesirus Nefesh:

  • The power within every Jew to give up his life for G-d comes from Chochma: It is due to this revelation of Chochma within the soul of every Jew that even the lowliest of Jews and the greatest of transgressors in vast majority give up their lives for the sake of G-d’s holy name, and are willing to suffer great and excruciating suffering and torture simply in order not to deny the one G-d.
  • Despite the lack of comprehension and concept of G-d and His greatness: Now, seemingly this is not making any sense, as why would a brainless ignoramus who has no concept of G-d’s greatness be willing to give up his life for Him? Now, although even such an individual has some level of comprehension of G-d, they do not contemplate this at all, and hence it is not at all the motivating factor behind their willingness to give up their life on His behalf.
  • Is an impossibility for the soul: Rather, their willingness to give up their lives comes without any comprehension and contemplation and is due to what seems like an impossibility for them to deny the one G-d, despite them not having any reason or arguments to back this conclusion.
  • A result of the light of G-d that shines of the soul: This incomprehensible willingness of a Jew to give up one’s life for G-d is the result of the fact that the one G-d shines His light throughout the entire soul of the Jew and enlivens it through being invested in the level of Chochma that is found in every Jewish soul and is above knowledge and comprehension.

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